The answer is no, but also yes. Let me explain…

You’re working on a project that you are budgeting for and need to factor in the street lighting designs and installation costs.

There are lots of companies who will provide you with a lighting calculation service for free!!

This is an obvious choice when trying to keep project costs on track, however…

These calculations will only provide you with information on how many luminaires you’ll need, what model of fitting needs to be used, and where they need to be located, but a calculation is not a design.

We are often asked by clients on a regular basis to ‘fix’ calculations as they have been rejected by a Local Authority or a contractor has refused to provide costs, as the calculations are missing most of the technical detail needed.

A street lighting design consultant understands the level of detail a Local Authority needs to see or the technical information a contractor needs to be able to price a design for installation.

‘Free’ calculations often do not provide any detail of the electrical supply details, column material specification, or any information for photocells or central management system that may be required and chances are the manufacturer isn’t even on the approved material specification within a Local Authority region.

‘Free’ calculations often do not take into consideration any environmental concerns, site-specific considerations, or the cumulative effect artificial lighting may have on any identified sensitive receptors.

Our design team will take all of the above into consideration, then discuss the project with the ecologists and planners, Local Authority lighting departments, and will also look at any amendments to traffic signs, bollards or any electrical amendment works that may be required.



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