SHD Lighting Consultancy Case Studies

Here are a few projects we have completed for clients.

Section 278 lighting design

Section 278 Street Lighting Design

A large residential building is being built on a former industrial site in the centre of a city centre.

As part of the highway development works, a new street lighting design was required.

SHD Lighting provided an energy efficient LED lighting scheme and liaised with the local authority in receiving full technical approval on the clients behalf.

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Sports Lighting Design

Lighting Impact Assessment Report

A residential home was proposed to be built which had two sports fields adjacent, each having floodlighting columns to light the pitches at night.

We produced desktop calculations to show the light spill onto the facade of each proposed building and produced a technical report on suitable mitigation measures needed to minimise any potential light spill.

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Lighting Design overview

Retrofit Lighting Design

We carried out pre-adoption lighting design calculations, which were required to upgrade a large housing development lighting asset for adoption by a local authority.

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S278 Street Lighting Design Site Visit

Car Park Lighting Design

Designing car park lighting is not rocket science, however if poorly designed, the end result can be expensive to install, difficult to maintain and often provides patchy inconsistent light levels.

If the car park lighting design is poorly designed, it can result in car park areas which remain unlit or can be considerably overlit , causing unnecessary sky glow, light trespass, unwanted glare and can be energy inefficient.

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Section 38 Street Lighting Design

Section 38 Street Lighting Design

This large new housing development required street lighting designing to specific requirements outlined in a  development design guide.

SHD Lighting designed the street lighting  scheme using ornamental lanterns and bespoke bracket arms to enhance the street scene outlined in the design guide.

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