Sports Lighting Design

Sports Lighting Design

Designing artificial lighting for sport is a complex subject with a number of technical issues that should all be considered.
Each sporting discipline requires a unique approach to ensure the correct lighting levels are achieved, the overall lighting uniformity is good and does not provide shadowing and the control of lighting glare is considered depending on the sporting activity.

Sports Lighting Design

Using the latest industry standard software calculation packages, Our design team simulate the light levels using manufacturers luminaire photometric data files.

These lighting calculations provide, the light measurements in lux and light spill isolux contour lines ensuring compliance with the desired lighting levels for the sports application.

We can also identify any sensitive receptors that may be affected by the floodlighting and provide mitigation on how any light spill, nuisance or glare can be avoided.

Do I need a Sports Lighting Design?

SHD Lighting Consultancy will design your sports lighting design compliant with BS EN 12193 and Lighting Guide 04: Sports Lighting (2023) published by CIBSE.

These guidance documents provide technical guidance for the levels of lighting to be achieved, levels of lighting uniformity to be achieved, the glare rating in which the overall lighting installation must not exceed and the preferred lighting colour rendering index that must be met for a variety of sporting applications.

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