Car Park Lighting Design

Car Park Lighting Design

Designing car park lighting is not rocket science, however if poorly designed, the end result can be expensive to install, difficult to maintain and often provides patchy inconsistent light levels.
If the car park lighting design is poorly designed, it can result in car park areas which remain unlit or can be considerably overlit , causing unnecessary sky glow, light trespass, unwanted glare and can be energy inefficient.

Car Park Lighting Considerations

When carrying our car park lighting designs, we aim to put the right light, in the right place using the right equipment. 

We focus on minimising light spill, preventing unwanted sky glow and use energy efficient LED light sources with a LED colour temperature to suit the application site.

Our design team will support your project and help establish the most cost-efficient design solutions to comply depending on the locality, surface area, environmental considerations and number of users and vehicles who will use the car park.

Do I need a Car Park Lighting Design?

When carrying out car park lighting designs, our design engineers will establish the recommended lighting levels to be achieved using BS 5489 and BS EN 12464 as a reference. 

These British Standard documents provide information on the overall light levels, measured in lux, and overall lighting uniformity that need to be met when designing quality car park lighting solutions.


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