Lighting Impact Assessment

Lighting Impact Assessment

Outdoor lighting, if designed poorly, is classified as a form of nuisance and was introduced within Section 102 of the Clean Neighbourhood and Environmental Act 2005.
                                      “Artificial light emitted from premises so as to be prejudicial to health or nuisance”
There are several documents provided by The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP), The Chartered Institution of Building Services (CIBSE) and British and European standards which all outline the criteria to be met when producing outdoor lighting designs.

Typical Light Nuisance Complaints

The most common complaints relate to lighting from domestic and commercial security lighting, and also lighting from sports facilities.

Public Lighting Guide 04 as published by The Institution of Lighting Professionals provides guidance on how to carry out environmental lighting impact assessment reports.

SHD Lighting Consultancy have the knowledge, experience and professional qualifications to produce lighting impact assessments, which can be based on our own lighting designs.

Alternatively, we can provide 3rd party scrutiny of existing designs and detail the potential mitigation measures required, ensuring a compliant lighting design.

The ILP have produced guidance notes on how to produce lighting designs in accordance with ILP GN01/21 or ILP GN08/23

Our lighting impact assessments provide the necessary technical detail and specify how the lighting design proposals complies with these guidance documents.

Do I need an Environmental Lighting Impact Assessment Report?

Whether your project is building 1000 new houses in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a single-storey house extension, you may be asked as part of the preplanning conditions to provide a lighting strategy or lighting impact assessment.

SHD Lighting Consultancy Ltd are experts in producing lighting assessment reports and collaborate with planners and ecologists which will support your planning application or retrospective consent conditions.

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