Here is an example of how SHD Lighting Consultancy provides aftercare support for all our clients.

Our design team was asked to provide a sports lighting design for a MUGA (multi-use games area) surface.

The lighting design included some simple 3D lighting renders, which demonstrated how we had achieved good lighting uniformity, which is an important factor when carrying out sports lighting designs.

However, we were sent videos from our client, showing how the lighting performed once installed, which was nothing like we had presented to our client.

We contacted the electrical contractors and wholesalers, we also spoke with the floodlighting manufacturer, as we knew the incorrect luminaires had been installed.

Thankfully, the floodlighting units were replaced with the correct luminaires, that our designs specified, and the result is exactly how we had designed.

How it looked with the incorrect floodlights installed.

Notice the ‘hot spots’ directly beneath each floodlight, which is how we knew the wrong luminaires had been installed.


How we expected the MUGA surface to be lit.

Sports Lighting Design


How it looked after correct floodlights were installed.


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